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Healthy through the day — at work and at leisure

Eating can do much more than “just” fill you up, if you eat balanced, healthy and consciously:

  • Providing energy for stressful days
  • Reducing weight without starving
  • Increasing physical well-being
  • Improving concentration
  • Counteracting the food coma

Enjoyment and well-being

Instead of creating additional stress through strict diet plans, go4h‑framework relies on motivation, enjoyment and practical tips!

Our recipes and tips help working users to integrate a well-balanced, easy-to-use and healthy diet at work and in everyday life. At work also through jointly organized, healthy breaks with colleagues.

From a conscious snack to a full meal

In order to prevent good intentions from dissipating, we aim to proceed step by step. Weekly tips, background information, as well as practicable recipes provide an easy introduction.

8-week nutrition guides on key topics such as stress reduction or well-being weight motivate in addition.

Healthy nutrition is also important in the workplace.

Healthy can be that tasty!

  • Nutrition Blog

    Valuable knowledge in appetizing bites.

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