Mental Health

Mental Health

A relaxed mind will think more clearly!

In addition to exercise and nutrition, mental health is the third focus of the go4h‑framework. With high-quality sound recordings we help you to relax consciously:

  • Loosening tensions to relax physically
  • Increasing the ability to concentrate and supply oxygen through breathing techniques
  • A short break helps to put off exhausted days with less stress
  • Guided mind journeys help to loosen “knots” in the head and to give new energy

Relaxation exercises at the workplace

Ensure employee health is a top priority — help your fellow human beings to take care of themselves by encouraging targeted  relaxation exercises at the workplace.

The advantages are apparent:

  • Balanced employees are more motivated and efficient
  • Feeling comfortable and valued at work builds up a stronger connection to the company
  • Reduced staff turnover and less sick leave

Whatever goal you choose is as individual as the preference for a male or female voice or whether you listen to an exercise with or without music.

It is as easy as this!

  • Spontaneous exercises

    In a few minutes to new mental power? Works with us!

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