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Data protection regulation & declaration of consent to data use

(hereinafter also the “regulation”)

The registration on and use of the “go4h-framework website” of go4health GmbH (“go4health”) as well as the use of other services by go4health (see below) requires the collection, use and processing of personal as well as sensitive data (“data”) by go4health GmbH.

The data is solely used and processed in order to provide the website and other contractual (mobile health) services by go4h-framework in accordance with the contract (the “services”). Data will neither be processed for different purposes nor be transmitted to third parties – if not explicitly stated in these regulations – without your explicit consent.

The following data protection declaration describes which of the data, provided by you during registration on the website and while using it and other services as a member, will be collected and how this data is processed and used further.

The registration on the website as well as the use of other services is voluntary. You can terminate your membership at any time and revoke your given consent to the processing of your data.

With the approval of this declaration, you give your consent to the collection, processing and use of your personal data in accordance with the applicable data protection laws.

  1. Responsible bodies

The collection, processing and use of data are exclusively conducted by go4health and their employees. In individual cases, the processing of data by an authorised group of people and users including the “company’s health manager”, “go4health coaches and advisors”, “independent coaches” (“authorised users”) as well as the “management” is intended. The management – possibly via the human resource department of the company – has the exclusive right to monitor non-personalised processes as well as to examine statistics relevant to the company (see below “operational information and authorisation”). In individual cases, access rights for authorised users will be accorded in consideration of individual user interests.

As a member, you accept the use and processing of data by partners and authorised users to the herein described extent.

If you do not accept the collection, processing and use of your data according to this declaration as a whole or want to object to individual measures, you can direct your objection to the following address via e-mail or by mail:

go4health  GmbH, Neuer Markt 1/Top 14, 1010 Vienna, Austria

E-mail: support [at] go4h-framework.com

The objection to the use of data is followed by the automatic erasure of the member account which might already have been created.

  1. Collection, processing and use of personal data

First, your employer will invite you to use the services via e-mail. By clicking on the transmitted registration link, you can open a member account on the website. In the process, you must accept Go4health’s general terms and conditions of business and use (www.go4h-framework.com/terms), of the “go4h-framework.com website” and this regulation.

Registration on the website

The disclosure of certain (personal) data is mandatory during the registration process. This includes, for example, name, sex, date of birth as well as other data required for the registration and creation of a personalised client profile. Additional information you declare as a registered member – especially when replying to questions concerning your state of health or lifestyle habits (including dietary habits and physical activity, mental state and the like; subsequently also called “health data”) – is, however, optional.

Data protection and processing

Personal data (including health data) will be stored on a secure server by go4health (“server”).

Regarding the processing of your data, there is a difference between personal data and health data.

➢ In the process of the registration on the website, the personal data recorded only include first and last name, a valid e-mail address and an anonymised password. In individual cases, the possibility of anonymising the name provided during registration for the management (the human resources department) remains reserved.

➢ The processing of your health data is undertaken on a confidential basis. Since there might be a collection, inspection and processing of certain health data during the individual mentoring/cooperation with coaches (as authorised users), these people are also obliged to keep the data to which they have access during their activities strictly confidential. Authorised users are obliged to keep all health data strictly confidential – also in relation to your employer. The disclosure of health data to third parties (non-authorised users), which make your person identifiable, shall in any case be precluded.

Telephone support: If desired, the services also include telephone coaching by your health experts (as authorised users), where the same confidentiality clause applies as for personal conversations (see above).

go4health can contact you via e-mail and/or push-messages in order to send you further recommendations and suggestions concerning the use of the website and services.

Mobile application: It is easier to enter your health data into your member account by using the mobile application (“app”). The installation and use of the app is optional and is not a prerequisite for the use of the website or other services. The regular use of the app and the transmission of health data related thereto make it possible to offer services which are adapted to your state of health. The app data is collected on mobile devices through deliberate user actions and is transferred to the member account via an encrypted connection. For this, use the login data set during the registration, thereby agreeing to the transmission of your data from the app or mobile device to your member account.

Operational information and authorisation: Your employer (or the human resource department) receives aggregated – and not personal – information about the company’s overall state of health, sources of stress at the company, health risks and information about the ongoing coaching and test activities. An operational report can either refer to the company as a whole or to individual organisational units of at least 10 people. An operational report always precludes any identification of individual participants.

Among others, data from health questionnaires as well as training reports and/or analyses by coaches or the company’s health manager are used for the preparation of the operational reports. Based on the information provided by your employer concerning your organisational position in the company (e.g. department), specific analyses can be created for certain organisational units, possibly restricted to the categories of sex or age.

Data collection for quality assurance: For the purposes of ensuring internal quality standards, preventing system failures, evaluating malfunctions as well as continuously improving and making the website and provided services more user-friendly, go4health shall be entitled to collect usage data from supplementary questionnaires as well as to process the collected data.

Declaration of consent

I agree to the use and processing of any data (personal as well as health data) I disclosed during the registration on the website and during the use of services as well as additional information saved in my member account and pseudonymised usage data by go4health, “go4h-framework” and/or authorized people until further notice.

  1. Contribution

Services can only be provided if the data you disclosed is accurate. You are responsible for the correctness of the information you disclosed during the registration on the website as well as any other information you provided to go4h-framework or authorised people. The data can be changed at any time by changing the profile on the “go4h-framework.com website”.

  1. Cookies

Our websites only use “session cookies” which identify you as long as you are visiting our websites or logged in with your member account.

Declaration of consent

I agree to the use of cookies which collect, save and use my usage data. In addition, I agree to the saving of my data in cookies beyond the browser session which can be, for example, accessed again during my next visit on the website. I can revoke my consent at any time with future effect by refusing to accept cookies in my browser settings.

  1. Log data

With each access to our websites, usage data will be transmitted through the respective internet browser and saved in the server log files. These log files are solely analysed in anonymous form to improve our services, make them more user-friendly, be able to detect and eliminate errors faster and control server capacities. Furthermore, an analysis of the log files helps us to detect and eliminate possible errors on the website faster.

Declaration of consent

I agree to the analysis and evaluation of data saved in the so called log files by go4health in order to optimise “go4h-framework” and its use.

  1. Web analysis and external services

In order to improve and optimise our offer continuously, we use so called tracking technologies. For this, we use the services of Google Analytics, Hockeyapp and Airbrake. For communicating and providing multimedia content, we use MailChimp and Vimeo.

  1. Secure data transfer

Your personal data will be transmitted in encrypted form as per industry standards. We secure our websites and other systems with technical and organisational measures against loss, destruction, access, changes or dissemination of your data by unauthorised people.

  1. Deleting data

Your data will usually be deleted after your cancellation of your membership on the website. The management can also cancel your membership if you leave the employ of the company (client of go4health/“go4h-framework”).

  1. Right to information of the party concerned

You are entitled to free information about your stored data and, as appropriate, the right to the rectification, blocking or erasure of data. We take the protection of your data very seriously. Please direct your request with reference to “go4health” via e-mail or by mail to the following address and include information to unambiguously identify your person in order to ensure that your personal data is not handed out to third parties:

go4health GmbH, Neuer Markt 1/Top 14, 1010 Vienna, Austria
E-Mail: support [at] go4h-framework.com

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