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Health-promoting content — tailor-made

Digital or as a print product — go4h-framework content delivers content around health and holistic well-being.

All content is coordinated by our team of experts. We produce high quality content — gladly in your look & feel. For example:

  • Special campaigns for introduction
  • Prevention campaigns
  • Company-owned blogs
  • Challenges for teams and single persons
  • Exciting and informative accompanying materials



This differentiates content of the go4h-framework:

  • Informative — in the triad of movement, nutrition and mental health
  • Understandable & at eye level
  • Current state of research
  • Designed for practical use in everyday life
  • Expert tips with real added value
  • Multimedia layout

Up to date and lively, informative and motivating!

You can order new content or get existing content:

  • Over 800 exercise videos in the go4h framework App
  • Training programs for different requirements
  • Weekly blog posts on nutrition and mental health
  • Guides to topics of mental health and nutrition
  • Recipes that optimally combine taste and health …

Content examples

  • The In-App Nutritional Blog

    New suggestions every week.

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