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Here you can read the latest articles about digital health care. Discover new facts & recommendations for your healthy business!

5 measures to reduce sick leaves caused by back pain

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system are the main reason for sick leaves in Austria and Germany and lead to work absences of about 15.8 days (Austria). Offering specific exercise programmes to …

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Corporate health management enhances employee productivity

According to a new US study*, operational health management increases company efficiency: Employees participating in corporate health programmes are able to enhance their productivity by 10 to 11 …

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Wearables alone don’t make you fit

Wearable technology enjoys great popularity at the moment. But a study of the University of Pittsburgh including 471 overweight men and women has shown that fitness and health bracelets do not have …

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5 advantages of digital corporate health management

Corporate health management has become an essential for Austrian companies. More than 75% of all companies offer their employees operational measures for health promotion. These offers include events …

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Healthy sleep with go4health

Sleep has a great influence on our mood, performance and consequently on our health. The go4health sleep guide gives valuable recommendations on how to effectively improve your sleeping habits on a …

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“six-week feel-good programme” for dm

Do you want to be fitter and healthier as soon as spring begins? The go4health six-week programme strengthens your mental health, improves your fitness and provides you with tasty and healthy recipes …

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go4health: Anti-stress guide

Stress can hardly be avoided. In general, it is not harmful. But stress shouldn’t be a permanent state! Our compact anti-stress guide offers effective support in 7 days. In this guide, the …

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Ihr Tag mit go4health

go4health: a solution to strengthen your motivation

A recent evaluation of staff surveys confirms that more than a third of all employees suffer from mental and physical strain. The study „Healthy companies“ by the AOK-Service with 30,469 …

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Behind the scenes – Videodreh

Behind the scenes: The go4health video shoot

go4health's New Year’s resolutions are similar to those of a third of the Austrian population: Next year, it is time for even more exercise! For this purpose, the go4health sports scientists …

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Lernen Sie Digital Detox – mit etwas Disziplin!

Digital time-outs are important and healthy

From morning to night, digital devices are our constant companions. Due to our need to be constantly available and the existing wealth of information, the digitization increases the overstimulation …

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Holistic Health Management

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